Q1. What is Missa Musica?

A. It is an Online Choir Assessment that tends to encourage proper rendition of songs in the Holy Mass with focus on congregational participation

Q2. Why is the Assessment Online ?

Ans. It is a chance to see how other Catholic choir’s all over the world render their song in Holy Mass and also gives the Choir an opportunity to know how they sound from the live recording.

Q3. Why is the congregation’s reaction to the song part of the score point?

Ans So that Choir will always make a conscious effort to selection songs for Congregational participation.

Q4. Why Assessment?

Ans. The assessment will aid in determining which choir complies to the norms of liturgical music. This assessment will also determine the best among the choirs to be assessed. With the seriousness attached to such victory, it will create the right attitudes for Choirs to start rendering their songs with much vigour during Holy Mass..

Q5. Are we allowed to be assessed during mass.?

Ans. We are allowed to offer the best in ministration to God during Holy Mass rather than outside. The word ‘assessment’ is to make choirs give their best to God in Mass and also make it an attitude going forward.  

Q6. Are we allowed to be innovative with our rendition?

Ans. All rendition will be assessed based on laid down liturgical norms which will help a lot of choirs to know what is expected of them.

Q7. Why are we attaching ‘reward’ to the Holy Mass.?

A. The reward (which could be money are procurement of choir needs such as Keyboard, robe, drums, hymnals etc) is just a consideration to assist Choirs or other assistance they might need and not an inducement. The best choir will receive reward in value of N1m.

Q8. Why not just buy an equipment for a Choir as price money.?

Ans. Sir Jude do not know the instrument that the Choir needs and since it is open to choirs globally, it will also be difficult to transport the equipment to the winners.

Q9. Since it is a once off competition, how will it change the Choirs ministration standard going forward.?

Ans. It is planned to be an annual event, and we intend to improve it to the point where mystery judges can record the choir any day they wish without notice, as such choirs are expected to be at their best every Sunday.

Q10. What other criteria apart from singing and congregational participation will be considered?

Ans. The choirs dressing, conduct and adherence to liturgical decorum will count.

Q11. What is the role of NACALIMCO in the Assessment?

Ans. It is a body in the church that regulates liturgical music, hence they are to ensure that the laid down procedures are applied and the Assessment will assist organizations like NACALIMCO to know the areas where Choirs need training and other areas for improvement in the rendition of Liturgical music.

Q12. How will the assessment be of benefit to my Parish and my Parish Priest.

Ans. To support the Clergy by rendering exceptional liturgical songs during the Holy Mass their by lifting the spirit of worshippers to God in the most beautiful form

Q13. Why should the choir be concerned about the participation of the Congregation in the singing?

Ans. On Dec. 4, 1963, the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy was promulgated by the
Fathers of the Second Vatican Council. The first chapter of this document explains the meaning
of active participation by the faithful in the sacred liturgy.

Everyone knows the importance of singing during the Holy Mass. When the entire congregation
sings harmoniously with the choir, a heavenly atmosphere is created in
the church. It goes without saying that such a harmony of voices requires sufficient preparation
and rehearsal on the part of the choir and/or congregation, as well as songs and hymns well-suited to the theme of the Mass and also their suitability for the singers which includes the congregation

Q14 Who can register for the event ?

Ans. Any Catholic Choir in any Catholic Parish, anywhere in the world.